A Chinese Artist at the Royal Academy, 1771

Once in a while I find mentions of exotic visitors to Britain who were honoured. I have no idea what this Mr … did, but he seems to have impressed the RA. This is from March 1771, The Leeds Intelligencer

Yesterday Mr Chitqua, the celebrated Chinese Artist, embarked at Gravesend, on board the Grenvile East Indiaman, on his return to Canton, after having surveyed, with astonishment, a part of Mr Cox’s surprising piece of mechanism, designed for his exhibition in Spring Gardens, and been introduced by Mr Merlin to view the many excellent paintings of Signora Angellica; [?Kauffmann?] from whence he was conducted to the Royal Academy at Somerset House, where he not only met with a most polite reception, but had the honour to have his portrait introduced by Mr Zoffanii, into a capital picture of the members of that noble institution, when that eminent Artist is executing for a Great Personage.

Is this the first celebrity photo bomb?

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