Executions on Newcastle Moor

Newcastle had a temporary gallows built on the Town Moor, near the barracks of This is a list of the people who were despatched there. It is a varied and pretty comprehensive list of the types of crime that were designated capital offences at the time. It is also interesting how few there were for such a large town, and how years passed with no one being ‘despatched’. This is from A New Picture of Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Or, an historical and descriptive view By Thomas Oliver (architect)

On the Town Moor near to the Barracks, which  covered 11 acres and were built in 1807 is the spot where a Temporary gallows was erected for the execution of criminals belonging to Newcastle. The following is a list of the unfortunate individuals who have suffered there:-

1650, August 21st, Fourteen reputed witches, one wizard, and nine moss troopers executed.

1733, – Two men were executed on the Town Moor

1739, September 4th, Michael Curry and John Wilson executed for murder. Curry’s body was afterwards hung in chains at Hartley.

1746, September 15th, Alexander Anthony, a deserter, aged 23, shot at the Town Moor.

1751, August 21st, Richard Brown, for the murder of his daughter, 17 years of age, by throwing her down the stairs.

1752, September 7th, Ewan Macdonald, for stabbing Robert Parker.

1754, August 7th, Dorothy Catenby executed for the murder of her bastard child.

1758, February 20th, William Bland shot for deserting.

1764 August 7th, Alice Williamson executed for a burglary.

1764, August 27th, George Steward executed for shooting Robert Lindsay.

1755, August 21st, Robert Knowles for stealing a letter containing money, out of the post-office.

1783, November 17th, William Alexander, executed for forgery.

1784, August 26th, James Chambers and William Collins for robbery.

1786, May 30th Henry Jenkins for horse stealing.

1795, August 8th, Thomas Nicholson for the murder of Thomas Purvis.

1816. September 7th, John O’Neil for robbing George Angus.

1817, December 3d, Charles Smith for the murder of Charles Stewart.

1829, March 14th, Jane Jamieson executed for the murder of her own mother.

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