The Antipodean Surrealist

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On Art and Aesthetics

Andrew Baines

It is difficult to get bored of Surrealism – perhaps because the form of art happens to be the best mode of expression for the frustrations, contradictions and desires of our age. Adelaide-based surrealist Andrew Baines (born in Colchester, England in 1963) has long painted pictures containing the usual elements of the style – men in bowler hats and cows and so on. But he has pushed the envelope and of late, has been installing surreal “human sculptures” at the beach.

Where from and how did the concept emerge? Andrew explains, “When I was a teenager, my parents took me back to the UK to visit my relatives. One morning, my dad took me on to the London underground at peak hour, where I was greeted by a sea of suited clones. My dad explained, this was ‘The corporate Battery Hen’, they would work 9-5 Monday to Friday for…

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