What is it about autumn that is so appealing? We all love the summer, but it’s a time of disruption – people away on holidays, the streets crammed with kids and tourists, it can be a bit much.

Autumn feels like a return to normality, to sanity. The students are back, it’s time to slow down, take stock before the rains come. People seem to respond to this, even in big cities.

I went for a walk yesterday, and the air seemed to shimmer. People strolled, there seemed less haste, less shouting. Even cyclists seemed more at ease when overtaking. I had to stop, to take in the sense of peace and contentment. In the distance you can see the green hills, a reminder of how small this city is.


And trees. There are always trees



A warrior with broken limbs – horsechestnut


Another elderly tree – fenced off for protection


The canal with steps- for dogs and ducks


The music school – lovely reflections





No idea what this water ramp is for. Too big for voles.


Two unwanted residents – bamboo, giant hogweed.


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