Liverpool Biennial – ABC Cinema

After struggling to focus on my writing over the summer, I waited till the schools were back and prices down to escape to Liverpool for the tail end of their festival, in the hope of kick-starting my brain. My first stop was this GradeII listed Art Deco cinema, now gloriously ruinous, dimly lit, with artworks dotted about in the gloom.








I was fortunate to arrive as a 20 minute film began, 1922 – The Uncomputable, the most recent in a series by Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni’s series, The Unmanned’. This is from the Biennale guide:

The unmanned recounts a history of technology in reverse… includes an account of the Earth’s dismantling in 7242, the discovery of California by Conquistadors in 1542, and, n 2045, he moment at which machine intelligence overtakes human intelligence. The most recent episode, 1922 – The Uncomputable, which reflects on Lewis Fry Richardson’s attempt to build a huge weather-forecast factory as been commissioned for this year’s Biennial as part of the Flashback episode.

I am struggling still to describe this film. It is so eerie, strange, original. The text doesn’t match the visuals, and yet it works brilliantly. It is dark and bleak, yet somehow uplifting. Here’s some of it.

I managed to return to see the whole series. I look forward to tracking down their other work.

Here’s the site for the directors if you want to see more.


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