Kevin’s Allegorical Realism

Lovely images. Audobon meets Sowa perhaps?

On Art and Aesthetics

He calls it “allegorical realism” – a type of storytelling that does not convey its message literally yet avoids slipping into the fantastic or the cartoonish. In the work of Kevin Sloan, a Denver, Colorado-based painter, we see everyday objects – globes, tea cups, candles, clocks, books, luggage – set in unusual arrangements alongside a profusion of animals and plants, whom he considers the “silent inhabitants” of this planet. At the core of Kevin’s creativity is an acute ecological consciousness, a deep concern and respect for our common home, which he expresses through luminous symbolism and subtle humour. The scenes he paints are pure and glorious hymns to the sheer gratuitousness of earth. They lovingly depict the manner in which nature lavishes itself upon us with its inexhaustible yields.

In his artist’s statement, Kevin mentions that he “seeks to create a compelling body of work that can speak about our modern technological environment and simultaneously present images of natural balance, odd…

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