These are my favourite birds – maybe along with starlings, but they always seem to be alone, which is why this group of 6 seem so startling – all lined up on their concrete – what are they? podiums? Like dudes in tuxedoes, they don’t care who’s watching them posing.


I love the different poses and the fact that they all seem to be ignoring each other. I think I discovered why they’re so often alone – one did a big projectile poo into the water. Here they are again

cormorants 6 wide

I also love the moorhen in the foreground, sort of a cormorant waiting promotion.

cormorants moorhen

On my return most had left, so the remaining pair could relax a little. Less competition for who’s being the coolest?

cormorants 2

7 thoughts on “Cormorants

  1. I love cormorants too. I have occasionally seen them in gaggles round here, even competing in a subfusc way for the best wing-drying spots, while trying to pretend they were doing nothing of the sort – very comical.

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