Uh oh 

When was the last time you saw anyone with smallpox in a library?

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4 thoughts on “Uh oh 

  1. I had a good old chortle about this. We once had a reader who fell asleep and was believed dead by another librarian and was prodded awake (a scary experience for both participants). And don’t get me onto the subject of lunching readers – small bottle of champagne and tomatoes all skillfully hidden at the back of a bookshelf.

    I used to love the health warnings on library books!

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    • I think the notice is pretty reasonable. I recall 3 men curled up asleep in a library snoring loudly while their phone kept ringing with the sound of a cock crowing. People stood about laughing. They cd have slept they the end of the world. Also some girls complained at having to pay for photocopying, as trees are free! Libraries are great places to watch people.

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  2. Had a summer job in a busy city ref library long ago, and tramps/homeless used to come in to read the paper and sleep. The librarian took the view that it was raining outside so why not, and also that they were less of a nuisance than the readers who were awake … unless they took their boots off (eeeuw) or were so drunk they fell off the chair. Even then the very humane assistant librarian just gave them the price of a coffee and told them to come back when they were sober. I love a good library.


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