A New Word for an Old Problem

I tried to do some printing the other day, but my printer flashed up Error Code B200 and told me to contact my supplier. Too lazy to hunt out my sales documents, I instead googled the term.

It seems Error Code B200 means a lot of things. It can be that the ink has run out, or that it has jammed the printer heads, or even a paper jam. There were loads of suggestions on how to fix it – clean the heads or the interior of the printer with a damp cloth, or with isopropanol, to open and shut the casing. I half expected a mention of doing the Hokey Cokey or checking if the stars were in a particular alignment, but most seemed to be expanded versions of the old stand by of just turning it on and off.

It occurs to me we all have B200 moments, when things just aren’t right but we don’t know what’s the matter, or how to begin to fix it. I think the time is right for this term to enter the English vocabulary. Here’s some sample uses for it.

You’re late for a meeting. Your excuse : “I had a B200 of a time getting here.”

A toddler having a tantrum in a public space: “He’s going through his B200 phase.”

Difficulties getting out of he house : “A B200 hair day.”

Th English weather could be described as very B200 at the moment. Perhaps it always has been. Post Brexit stock markets, ditto.

So, readers, what do you think? Is this a B200 post or is this a term you can make use of?

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