Brexitecture: the Redsand sea forts

Incredible survivor of the war

Paul Dobraszczyk

1On an overcast and cool morning in early summer, I climbed aboard the X-Pilot vessel moored in the river Medway in Rochester for a 6-hr round trip to the seven Maunsell sea forts at Redsand, situated at the mouth of the Thames estuary some six miles from the Kent and Essex shorelines. Assembled in 1943, the Redsand forts were one part of a larger series of defensive marine fortifications to protect London and Liverpool from German bombing raids; these included a similar group of seven forts at nearby Shivering Sands, four naval forts also in the Thames estuary, and three more in the Mersey estuary in northwest England. The Maunsell sea forts – named after their designer Guy Maunsell – are the more striking of the structures in terms of their visual appearance. They are made up of four precast concrete legs sunk into the seabed and which support a…

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