Sham Execution

This is an event from Bristol in October 1780, an incredibly well organised protest against senior naval officers, and unusual for its lack of violence and drunkenness which the city was so famous for:

Thursday afternoon at a stigma on some commanders who have not deserved the high encomiums justly due tot the Lord Cornwallis, a sham execution was exhibited on Brandon Hill. It included the figures of Admiral Lee Shore, General Mischance, General Siddington dressed in their proper uniforms were placed in a cart covered with black cloth and attended by a man who personified a clergyman, urging them fervently to pray and repent and another of the hangman, and were then conveyed through the principal street of the city and preceded by 2 drummers dressed in black, beating the death march and followed by 2 mourning coaches to Brandon Hill. On their arrival the effigies were tied up to the gallows erected there for that purpose. After swinging some time they were consumed by a large fire. An amazing number of spectators assembled who afterwards departed without the least riot. 


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