7 Steps to Stop the Bird Flu in Its Tracks!

Chemistry is not the only solution, or the best.

How to Provide

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7 Steps to Stop the Bird Flu in Its Tracks

The bird flu is an infection which jumps.  The avian flu virus can pass from wild birds such as ducks to say chickens laying eggs on a farm to people like you.  As this virus makes its jump, it strengthens, becomes nastier, even deadly.  It is very serious and should cause concern.

I am a true free-range, heritage breed, multi-species poultry farmer in the Northwest.  This means I raise heritage chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese together in one flock on pasture in a direct path of migratory wild bird flocks.  Furthermore, there was an outbreak of bird flu in my county.  This would have most poultry raisers running for the hills.  But wait, I haven’t disclosed the best part.  My birds are not sick, have never been sick and I predict will not get sick, why?  I have excellent bio-security measures in…

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