No Brexit Negotiators

Yet another story that reminds us how inept our politicians are in planning the exit of the UK from the EU. This is from the i paper:

The UK does not have its own trade negotiators because they are all working for the European Union, the sacked minister who was due to lead the Government’;s Brexit unit has suggested.

Oliver Letwin, the former Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster who was dismissed as part of Teresa May’s Cabinet shake-up, was appointed by Cameron to be the architect of the UK’s negotiations with the EU.

One of the key tasks faced by Teresa May’s government will be to negotiate trade deals with the world. But Mr Letwin painted a grim picture of he challenges they face after he was asked how many trade negotiators the UK has. “The trade negotiators who are Brits, at the moment are basically working for the EU,” he told the BBC. “Quite a number… but they are employed there and its up to them obviously whether they are recruited into Whitehall.”

Mr Letwin was then asked if the UK in fact had any of its own trade negotiators.

“No,” he said.

This has been an earworm of mine for weeks. It should be Britain’s new national anthem:

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