Polygamy In Britain

Here’s an article from yesterday’s i paper that I never thought I would read: a British man has set up a website to promote polygamy in these islands, even though this is illegal.

Azad Chaiwala, the founder of SecondWife.com and polygamy.com is on a quest to normalise having more than just one wife. The 33-year-old entrepreneur believes that by promoting polygamy we can help to rid the world of “immoral relationships” which, according to him, are the root cause of 42% of Britain’s marriages ending in divorce. His two polygamist matchmaking websites, SecondWife – which caters solely for Muslims – and Polygamy founded last year have close to 40,000 users.

In an interview with Vice, the businessman said “There are more women than men in the world. That’s a fact. …”

Well, sort of. At present there are slightly more women than men, but this is gap grows as we get older, with far more elderly women than men. This gap is reducing as women are developing the same problems, often caused by stress, as the men. 

Through most of human history, men to be more prone to dying as they go to war, drowned at sea, attacked by wild animals etc.  Many folkloricists and historians claim that ancient Britons were polygamous and this is makes sense, as a means of maintaining populations lost to war, and also as leaders were the best providers, to strengthen the gene pool of the tribe. In 18th century Britain, so many men were dead or abroad, women outnumbered men 3:2, which is why there were so many misbehaving and having jobs etc. If an excess of men is a problem, maybe he could do something to stop wars or clean up dangerous industries which would solve this imbalance. But he continues:

“We have a nature: men are more sexually oriented and women are more emotional and caring, nurturing.”

Ah, yes, the delicate emotional feminine creature who is unable to make decisions beyond what to buy at the market for her man’s dinner. At present, the Western world is in political turmoil, with so many manly men having made a mess. What is needed, many commentators cry, is a firm hand on the tiller, a sensible leader – we need – wait for it- a woman in charge! And so this is coming to pass. Thatcher was voted in to sort out a big mess, Iceland’s economy was sorted out by women taking charge, and now in Britain the Brexit was largely caused by men, so looks like it will be sorted out by women. Emotional my a*se!

Being a polygamist himself, he said he wanted to remove the social stigma behind having multiple wives and “cater to men’s sexual nature in an honourable manner.” He thinks polygamy is the best way to go about it. 

Well, he would, wouldn’t he? And he’s probably making money out of his beliefs and practice. As the ratios of men o women are close to equal in this country, the reality is that polygamy will cause more men to be unmarried, so will have the reverse effect to what he claims.

According to Mr Chaiwala, his websites are seeing a lot of interest from women. He says that on most days they have more sign-ups from female subscribers than they do from men, sometimes by a majority of 70%. The Manchester born Muslim believes that a man’s sexual appetite is disrespectful to women and says that this is as much for female fulfilment as it is for men. “Women are the girlfriends,” he says. “The mistresses who are left behind after the man has his sexual gratification.” Mr Chaiwala believes that polygamy can cure the exploitation of women and can be an “appealing and honourable” choice for women.

So it seems the excess of women he claims exists, are turning to prostitution as they cannot find a man. Hmmm

The article then warns:

Polygamous marriages cannot be performed in the UK and, if they are, the already married person could be found guilty of bigamy, which can carry a sentence of up to 7 years in prison.

However, Mr Chaiwala …thinks all of that will change. Islam allows a man to marry up to 4 women, so long as the arrangement has been agreed by all parties concerned. Currently those engaged in polygamous relationships can take part in a civil-style ceremony at mosques, but these are not legally binding marriages.

So these second wives that he advocates have no legal rights, so they may as well stay single or as mistresses – I suspect the pay for the latter would be better.

Unfortunately [or fortunately?] … Mr Chaiwala says there is no possibility of him creating a website where women can seek multiple husband – not on his watch. He told Vice that he was offering “decency” and something that was “more in tune with nature”.

He believes that because women are more “emotional” and “nurturing” than men, polygamy is only for their male counterparts. “If you’re going to turn around and ask why women can’t get more husbands on this site… I’d say, definitely not.

I’m surprised that today’s i printed no responses to this article. Maybe they were all unprintable.

4 thoughts on “Polygamy In Britain

  1. Agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. One of the many problems with polygamy is, as you state, that some men miss out. I heard a talk some years ago (sorry I can’t even remember who the speaker was) which suggested that polygamy definitely lead to a society riven with inequality. Firstly women are solely valued as sexual objects, within the household there is tension between women as they vie for the man’s attention and where men have no hope of a mate, societies tend to become more violent. The speaker suggested also that the rise of the idea of companionate marriage was also a factor in the improving status of women over the last few centuries in the West –many marriages, despite the legal inequalities, operated on a basis of equality as husbands recognized their wives as helpmeets.
    I did a bit of a google to see if I could find the name of the speaker but only found this which does discuss some of the issues


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