Ghost Soldiers

Yet another Berkshire tale. The idea of ghosts sticking to old building designs seems fairly common, and intriguing. Not sure if the present inhabitants would have known of the additions, so unclear if such ideas were included for veracity. I wonder if the soldiers felt pain. Also has parallels with the teleporter etc of science fiction.

East Hundred, nestling in the Berkshire Downs, is a village of such beauty and old world charm that it is a perfect setting for stories of bygone days, although, on a summer’s afternoon, it seems hard to believe that any ghosts walk there. However one elderly resident was not only startled to see a troop of Roundhead soldiers marching through her house, but shocked to see that they had no feet.

Investigations proved that a party of Cromwellian men had been stationed in the house after the Battle of Newbury. Since that time, it was also found the floor had been raised, but the ghostly warriors evidently preferred to use the old floor level.

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