Brexit – is it all over?

It’s not just the young and inexperienced who regret voting Brexit. The Sun was prominent in the campaign to leave. Yesterday’s i ran this:

Kelvin MacKenzie, the former editor of The Sun and current columnist on the paper, who offered readers “10 reasons why we must vote Brexit” has now said he regrets his decision.

After telling everyone to vote Leave, he has conceded he is not sure it was the right thing to do. “When I put my cross against Leave, I felt a surge as though for the first time in my life my vote did count. I had the power,” wrote MacKenzie.

“Four days later, I don’t feel the same… I have buyer’s remorse. To be truthful, I am fearful of what lies ahead. Am I alone?”

The same article cited Khembe Gibbons, a lifeguard from Bury St Edmunds:

“We’ve left the EU, David Cameron’s resigned, we’re left with Boris, and Nigel has basically given away that the NHS claim was a lie. I personally voted Leave believing these lies, and I regret it more than anything. I feel genuinely robbed of my vote.”

Electoral services workers have reported a number of calls from people asking if they could change their decision, while some publicly admitted to a “protest vote” in the belief that the UK was certain to remain in the EU.

The Liberal Democrats remain the only main group to continue to support EU membership, and they have hd a lot of new members since the vote.

Despite the calls for young people to sign up, it has been estimated that only 36% of the 18-24 year olds bothered to vote. Before the elections, many older voters thought they should withhold their votes to allow those whose future it depended on to vote instead. Well that worked, didn’t it?

Meanwhile the petition to hold a second referendum continues to gain support. It has passed the 4 million mark, though Cameron claims this is not remotely possible. You can sign it here:

Well, it is now clear the Leave campaign told a lot of lies. in fact the whole basis of the campaign – that they could control immigration – was never possible, so many people voted believing this lie.

If you buy goods that are promised to do certain things, and they fail to do so you can take them back. The same should apply to the referendum.

Columnist in the i Andrew Grice agrees there should be another referendum, but when passions have calmed and there’s a deal on the table, so people can vote on the basis of real facts, rather than the nonsense that has been pouring from the mouths of so many of our so-called leaders and commentators.

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