The Secret of Golden Syrup

This is a phrase that surprises, as I always  thought the stuff was just a byproduct of sugar refining, but was surprised by this article in the i;

Paul McGilligan has been making golden syrup for more than 28 years. And not just any syrup: Lyle’s Golden Syrup. The former soldier knows his stuff too. Abraham Lyle, he tells me, started making the stuff in 1881. The Lyle’s trademark was restored in 1883 and the syrup got its royal warrant in 1922. … In 2007, Guiness World Records firmed that Lyle’s Golden Syrup tins were the world’s oldest unchanged brand packaging.

Incredibly, the syrup is made by only 7 people – called… “Goldies”. Paul is one of them…. the best thing about being a “Goldie” is trying out the syrups. “Getting to taste new flavours is the best,” says Paul. “Cleaning floors and then having someone walk over them is the worst.”

When I ask whether he ever gets sick of eating the syrup, he says no….

Paul explains that no 2 days operating what he calls the “Goldie Process” are ever the same. The recipe for the syrup is secret – one that Paul has kept for nearly 30 years.

“I can’t tell you the secret,” he says, the I ask him if he’s ever been tempted to. “It’s easy to keep the secret, that’s why Lyle’s Golden Syrup tastes so good. I’ve never been tempted. “

He’s adamant, too, that there are no tricks of the trade. “There are no shortcuts. We make the surrey to the highest standard,” he says.

I dd a post some time ago on the Lyle Logo that used to include Tate, of Gallery fame.


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