Posted in May 2016

Sorry for the Silence

I’ve been moving house so no time to post for a while. Normal transmission should resume when I can find my way out from under the piles of boxes. There was a door somewhere…..

Mount Stuart and its Archives

This is an article on the family home of the Bute family who owned fantastic amounts of property including Cardiff Castle, paid for by the local coal industry. This is from Saturday’s i paper: Tucked away down a winding corridor inside Mount Stuart, a sprawling 19th century neo-gothic mansion off the west coast of Scotland … Continue reading

Great War Graffiti Rescued

Most military history is about those who fought, but there is increasing interest in those who refused. This is from the i last Saturday: Rare and little-seen graffiti drawn by men who refused to fight in the First World war on prison walls as they awaited court martial is to be saved from crumbling to … Continue reading

Philomena Cunk on Shakespeare

Apparently Ms Cunk is a regular arts correspondent on Charlie Booker’s Weekly wipe, and now I’m going to hunt out her work, because she was brilliant in a one off special last week, interviewing experts on the Bard. She knew nothing about Shakespeare’s childhood, but he must have had one, and his education must have been … Continue reading

Eric The Robot Rebooted

This is from Wednesday’s i paper, a thoroughly brilliant, bonkers kickstarter campaign. I am against fundraising for museums as they my allow or pave the way for more cutbacks, but if you want it you have to fund it.: In 1928, less than a decade after the term ‘robot’ was coined, a First World War … Continue reading

18th Century Slinging

This is a piece on the little known sport/weaponry of the slingshot, from Sports & Pastimes of England, published in 1800: I remember in my youth to have seen several persons expert in slinging of stones, which they performed with thongs of leather, or, wanting those,k with garters; and sometimes they used a stick of … Continue reading

Turkish Archery in London

This is from Sports and Pastimes of England, with a rare personal anecdote on a sport which had apparently all but died out by then: I remember about 4 or 5 years back [ie since 1800] at a meeting of the society of archers, in their ground near Bedford Square, the Turkish ambassador paid them … Continue reading

Arthur the best Archer

I am posting this under curiosities as it intrigues me. I knew that Henry VIII had an older brother – he married Catherine of Braganza who had been his late brother’s wife, but I don’t think I knew his name. There is much in the following which has elements of the Arthurian legend. Intriguing… Again … Continue reading