The Duke of Shoreditch Archery

This is some more from The Sports & Pastimes of the English:

Henry VIII, having appointed a great match of archery at Windsore, a citizen of London, named Barlow, an inhabitant of Shoreditch, joined the archers, and surpassed them all in skill; the king was so pleased with his performance that he jocosely gave him the title of “Duke of Shoreditch”; and this title the captain of the London archers retained for a considerable time afterwards. In 1583, in the reign of Elizabeth, a grand shooting match was held in London, and the captain of he archers assuming the title of Duke of Shoreditch, summoned as suit of nominal nobility, under the titles of marquis of Barlo. of Clerkenwell, of Islington, of Hoxton, of Shackelwell, and earl of Pancrass &c.  and these meeting together at the appointed time, with their different companies, proceeded in a pompous march from Merchant Taylors Hall, consisting of 3,000 archers, sumptuously apparelled; Strype says, “oddly habited;” every man had a long-bow and 4 arrows. With the marquis of Barlo and the marquis of Clerkenwell were “Hunters who wound their horns.” 942 of the archers had chains of gold about their necks. This splendid company was guarded by 4,000 whiffers and billmen, besides pages and footmen. They passed through Broad-street, the residence of heir captain, and thence to Moorfields, by Finsbury, and so on to Smithfield, where having performed several evolutions, they shot at a target for honour.

Another cavalcade of this kind was made by the London archers in 1682, the reign of Charles II, and the king himself was present; but being a wet day, his majesty was obliged to leave the field soon after the arrival the bowmen.

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