The Eton College Riot, 1818

IN Bristol schoolboys barricaded the school, held master hostage. A lot of it about at the time.

The Dark Days of Georgian Britain


Britain had a ruling elite in the Regency period, and it was educated at Eton College. In November 1818, the College contained 530 boys of the ruling class and it was widely regarded as the premier educational institution in England. The “Morning Advertiser” called it   “The First Public School”

So  all the national press were alarmed in November 1818, when many of the boys rose in rebellion against the Head Teacher , Dr John Keate  on three separate occasions.

These rich young men had money at their disposal, and this was a time before the Public Schools gained their reputation for any sort of academic excellence. It seems that the boys spent their time hunting, shooting and driving. The press at the time was probably too deferential to add “drinking”

Dr Keate knew that his charges were causing havoc in Eton and Windsor, but was finding it very hard to do…

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