Wingrave Witches

This comes from Highways & Byways of Buckinghamshire, and shows not all witch accusations were accepted. This one seems particularly lame, again from the village of Wingrave :

William Wooley, who was vicar here for 1753 to 1783, was a great witch-hunter in years when the belief in witchcraft was happily dying out. It is related that during his incumbency Susannah Hannokes, an inoffensive old woman, was accused by one of her neighbours of bewitching her spinning-wheel so that the owner could not make it go round. This the accuser and her husband insisted upon attesting on oath before a magistrate. The accused was conducted to the church, stripped of her clothes, even to her shift, and was weighed on a pair of scales, against the Church Bible; but to the great mortification of her accusers, she passed the ordeal triumphantly, outweighed the Bible, and was thereupon acquitted of the charge against her.

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