Old Love

This is a charming piece from the Illustrated Police News, 1892, a reminder that some people did see old bones, and were still active in the past.


Last week in a little meeting-house just outside Feltham David Macnamara, pensioner, who served in the Inniskilling Dragoons nearly 60 years ago, and who, though in his 78th year, is still hale and hearty, was united in the bonds of holy wedlock to Rebecca Marling, aged 72, who has mourned the loss of 3 husbands, and who boasts that half a century ago she was in the service of queen Victoria in the kitchen at Windsor Castle. The ceremony was of a quiet and unostentatious character, albeit 3 maiden relatives, aged respectively 60, 68 and 70, attended the service in the capacity of bridesmaids, while the “Best man” was the brother of the bridegroom and his junior by 3 years only, the officiating dissenting minister being an octogenarian, and therefore the oldest member of the party, the united ages of the assembled being 503 years.

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