Space Mice and Liver Damage

This is from yesterday’s i paper, and may put on pause any plans for human space exploration:

Hopes of sending astronauts to mars and beyond have suffered a setback with the discovery of early signs of liver damage in orbiting ‘spacemice’.

Mice that spent 13.5 days aboard Nasa’s space shuttle, Atlantis, and samples of their livers tested after returning to Earth and scientists found that spaceflight appeared to trigger a process that can lead to long-term scarring and damage.

US lead researcher Dr Karen Johscher, of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, said: “Prior to this study we really didn’t have much information on the impact of spaceflight on the liver. We new that astronauts often returned with diabetes-like symptoms but they usually resolved quickly.”

The mice orbited the earth n 2011.

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