Glastonbury’s Heavy Metal: Reusable Cups

Some of the most wasteful items in modern life are disposable glasses/cups so it is not before time that some radical solution be found. No surprise that it has come from the Glastonbury festival organisers, and has the added bonus of saving jobs in the British steel industry which is struggling against cheap imports.

Michael Eavis, festival founder has announced they have ordered 200,000 cups made from Sheffield steel and manufactured in Birmingham by a company that also makes parts for Land Rovers. This is from an article in the i paper buy the aptly named Hazel Sheffield, who quotes Eavis:

“There’s seemingly no end to the negative slide of this critical industry, and if the jobs, skills and infrastructure are lost, they won’t be replaced. We’ve worked on this project over the last 3 years, which will hopefully encourage other UK businesses to think about how they can support our steel industry during these very challenging times.”

The cups will be available .. for a £5 deposit. when festival-goers need a refill, they will be able to swap their cup for a fresh one. ..

£5 sounds pretty cheap, so I am guessing a lot of them will be taken home as souvenirs. Maybe this will catch on, though a while ago attempts by Starbucks to wean customers onto re-useable cups never took off.

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