The First Chaplin Museum

It seems odd that one of the world’s most famous actors has never had a museum dedicated to him, until now.

“That changed yesterday with the public opening of “Chaplin’s World”, a multimillion-solar project in the Swiss village of Corsier-sur-Vevey. Its director Jean-Pierre Pigeon says the museum is the first of its kind to honour Chaplin. The “Manoir de Ban” is where Chapin lived his last 25 years raising children, writing music and movie scripts and contemplating his legacy. Visitors can see his trademark bowler hat and cane, photographs from his career, and the bedroom where he died at the age of 88 n 1977.

About two dozen of his children and grandchildren were on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, his birthday. Organisers see hoping for more than 300,000 visits per hear. What would the English-born actor think about “Chaplin’s World”?

“I think his first reaction would probably bee ‘OOh!’,” said the director with a chuckle. “But there was one thing he was scared of” Being forgotten. So this is a good way to broaden his notoriety.”


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