Music and Insomnia

Last year I posted a blog about the incredible Radio 3 marathon broadcast by Max Richter called Sleep. Here is some of it on his album:

In 2014 comedian/writer/musician Matt Berry released Music for Insomniacs, the result in part of his struggle to get enough sleep, investigating if some types of music may help. Now the ever-inventive Paul Simon has added to this cannon, as Elisa Bray wrote inlets Saturday’s i paper:

Stranger to Stranger (out 3 June) [is] his first album since 2011’s So Beautiful or So What, and the first track written for it is “Insomniac’s Lullaby”. For the piece, Simon looked to the work of 20th century American composer and theorist Harry Partch who believed there were 36 notes rather than 12 in an octave, and created his own instruments in microtonal tunings.To recreate such sounds, Simon used the original Harry Partch instrument collection – including Cloud-Chamber Bowls – in New Jersey. “Sounds is the theme of this album as much as it’s about the subject of the individual songs. If people get that, I’ll be pleased,” states Simon. “The right song at the right time can live for generations.”

Well, if anyone can know that, it would be Simon.

What really intrigues me about insomnia is that the only people I’ve ever known to suffer from it have been women.


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