Brazilian Commerce and Superstition

This is from the i in early March:

This is from the i in early March:

Once the richest man in Brazil, Eike Batista is claimed to have resorted to one of the oldest superstitious rituals in the world to rebuild his billion-pound empire: throwing money into the biggest wishing well he could find – the South Atlantic Ocean.

The flamboyant businessman tossed more than 700 thousand Brazilian real (£127,000) in gold coins into the waves off the coast off Rio de Janiero’s Ipanema beach last month after a Brazillian African religious leader advised he needed to appease a water-bound deity, Yamanja, known as the queen of the seas, for his past “ungrateful” acting.

“He came to me for help and I told him that everything he had taken fro the sea has to be returned in some way and this could be done by a ritualistic gesture showing gratitude,” said Ubirajara Pinherio, a physic [psychic?] and priest of the Umbanda religion. “Most of [Mr Batista’s] recent business exploration were connected to the ocean and you cannot remove ore fro the earth without thanking and giving back,” warned Mr Pinhero, who has been a practicing mystic for more than 30 years.

In 2013 Mr Batista lost 99% of his estimated net wealth of £25bn when his six-company commodities empire, which included offshore gas and oil exploration, and gold and iron ore mining, went bust defaulting on the largest corporation debt in the history of a Latin American company.

In an interview with Brazillian network RedeTV! in June 2015, Mr Batista revealed he is rebuilding his company and had “zeroed his debts”.


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