Tudor Merchant’s House, Tenby

This is a wonderful National Trust property in the centre of the old town, just up the hill from the main beach. As always, the staff are incredibly friendly and informative.

tenby merch ho kit fire shr

The kitchen fireplace

tenby merch ho loo shr

The “necessary House” in the kitchen, with a drop onto a gravel and reed bed to filter and flush away all waste. Claimed to be Tudor technology, but I think the Romans had similar, also in kitchen.

tenby merch ho kit table shr

Kitchen table where food prepared and servants ate

tenby merch ho din rm shr

Where the family ate

tenby merch ho mural shr

A fine mural of the town and a merchant plying his trade.

tenby merch ho bed shr

The top floor bed with curtains for warmth and privacy

tenby merch ho cot shr

And a cot to rock the baby

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