St Mary’s Church, Tenby

This is an incredibly well preserved large church in the centre of this walled town on the coast of West Wales. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a leaflet explaining the church, the notes I took were without  my reading glasses and I was exhausted by the time I got there, and their website is so busy telling people how busy they are there’s no information on the actual building. But at least I got some nice pictures.

tenby ch ext shr

Boxy tower with spire from main street

tenby st mary entry shr

Strangest Norman-ish entrance. More like hair round the door-face.

tenby robt recorde tombe shr

Robert Recorde polymath

tenby ch kneel merch shr

I think my scrawl claims this was the merchant Thomas White. Looks like he’s kneeling in a fireplace.

tenby ch defaced tomb shr

One of a pair of badly defaced tombs.

tenby medl lady tomb shr

An unnamed medieval woman, moved here when the church was enlarged.

tenby ch cadaver shr

A cadaver tomb, again unnamed, usually below an image of the dead person, as a reminder that we are all mortal, we will all decay.

tenby tudor family tomb shr

The biggest and finest tomb, the Scottsborough monument showing the first wife of Thomas Reed? of Scotsborough, a former mansion in the town. Margaret died in childbirth 1610 having produced 10 children of whom 7 survived.

tenby font shr

A fine baptismal font with ornate cover.

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