Fortune Cookies

Apologies for my laxity of late, have been struck down with the dreaded lergy rather badly. Yesterday I was still off my food so decided to try my local Chinese takeaway.

When I entered a tiny boy was sitting smiling at the till, and it was a few minutes until an adult appeared to take my order. They were busy with a large order, so the small child kept peering round the door beneath the counter.

Time passed, no food appeared, but the child ran into the shop with an armful of fortune cookies which he threw onto the seat beside me. He then tried to put them into my backpack, but there was not much room, so he tried to collect them again, but scattered them on the floor and he fell on top, scrunching a few of them.

He recovered himself, and I opened my bag of vegetables and he placed the remaining cookies in there, then ran back behind the counter and firmly locked it shut.

A few minutes later his father (I guess) appeared with my meal, and some more cookies. We thanked each other, then mother father and excitable child waved to me as I snuffled my way home for dinner.

I am guessing the cookies were an apology for the delay, or it may have been a game for the boy. Doesn’t really matter. It was hilarious, and made my flu a bit more bearable.


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