Newcastle’s Castle

Newcastle is a large, ancient city in the north of England, the birthplace of Sting and Eric Burdon, but despite the name, few people probably think about its namesake. This is from Highways & Byways of Northumberland:

The castle occupied an area of 3 acres enclosed by a curtain shall through which the chief entrance was by the Black Gate. This was built or renewed by Henry III in the year 1248 and is a most interesting and impressive piece of late Norman. …

From the historical point of view the most important part of the castle is this entrance gate to the bailey – it gets the name of Black Gate from an occupant in the time of James I named Black – one of the 3 postern gates ad the great Norman Keep. Like the rest of England in the 18th century Newcastle was careless of her antiquarian heritages. After the castle had been put to many mean uses,when it was no longer needed as “the bridle of Scotland”, it was in 1782 advertised to be let as a windmill. Here is the notice:

“To be let the old Castle in the Castle Garth upon which with the greatest convenience and advantage, may be erected a wind-mill for the purpose of grinding corn, and bolding flour, or making oil, etc. There is an exceedingly good spring of water wishing the castle, which renders it a very eligible situation or a Brewer, or any Manufactory that requires a constant supply of water. …

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