A Texan School Teacher

This comes from last week’s i paper. Scary.

A Texan who called Barack Obama a gay prostitute and claimed Muslims were influencing the American curriculum may soon control what goes in children’s textbooks.

When Mary Lou Bruner stood before the Texas State Board of Education in 2010 to talk about textbooks she was concerned, she said during her testimony, that the state’s curriculum was being controlled by outside forces. “I think the Middle Easterners are buying the textbooks!… They’re buying everything else here. I think they’re using their influence to get what they want i the textbooks.”

That was more than 5 years ago, and the tables have tuned for the 68-year-old retired schoolteacher from Smith County. Now she is poised to sit on the board of education herself – and wield the kind of influence she once associated with “middle Easterners”. She received 48% of the vote in a 3-person Republican primary for a seat on the Texas State Board of education this week falling just short of the 50% needed. She will compete in a May run-off election against Kevin Ellis, a chiropractor and city school board president who earned 31% of the vote.Ā Members of the state board of education wield considerable influence over the Texas curriculum.

On climate change, Ms Bruner wrote last June:” Climate change has nothing to do with weather or climate; it is all about system change from capitalism (free enterprise) to Socialism-Communism. The Climate Change Hoax was Karl Marx’s idea.” On the President, Ms Bruner, a teacher for 36 years, did not mince her words. “Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his 20s. … That is how he paid for his drugs.”

So now you know. Maybe there’s some advice here for Hilary on how to win the next election.


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