Romantic Songs that Aged Badly

There’s been a lot of scandals in the past few years involving celebrities misbehaving with young people, which makes some commentators ask if anyone was not doing bad things back then, but without condoning any of this, things were different.

IN Antonioni’s popular film ‘Blow Up’, the photographer David Hemmings is practically stalked by a pair of young women who eventually had a naked romp with him – his trousers remained firmly on, oddly. This seemed acceptable at the time, but seems shockingly exploitative to us now. But the point is, the girls were chasing him, not the other way round.

Here are a few songs that really sound odd now, but were huge hits and seem not to have raised any eyebrows at the time. This is Gary Pucket on the Ed Sullivan Show. He is offering to teach her the facts of life, but also giving her an ultimatum:

Then he’s back on Ed Sullivan, he’s talking to a girl who misled him into thinking she was old enough, so warns her to run as she’s much too young. Beneath her perfume and makeup she’s a baby in disguise giving him a come-on look. So he tells her to go home to her mamma before they go too far.

Here’s Neil Diamond with ‘Girl You’ll be a Woman Soon’. There’s a touch of Romeo and Juliet to this, with him being rejected by her family, but he’s offering his services when she becomes a woman.

There’s a single song I can think of about a girl/woman ‘doing it’ the first time, by Kii Dee. This is ‘Amoureuse’. It’s really lovely:

IT seems these are all about young women and older males. The only male viewpoint song that I can think of is Rod Stewart’s ‘Maggie May’, far from romantic, an early cougar relationship. Still, a great song. Yes, that’s John Peel on Mandolin:

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