Texters Headbanging Art

This is from last week’s i paper

A huge statue of two clasping hands has been moved due to health and safety reasons after people kept walking into it because they were looking at their mobile phones. The 20ft sculpture called The Kiss by Sophie Ryder had only been in place on a path leading to salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire for less than a week. But within days, those in charge of the exhibition spotted people walking up the path and smacking their heads on the sculpture’s 6 foot archway. The sculpture was relocated by crane to sae people injuring themselves…

Here’s what it looks like:


The sculpture is hard to miss, at 20foot of galvanised steel wire with a 6ft 4 inch gap below the 2 giant hands. Yet people glued to their smartphones…

Ms Ryder’s fans complained about the move. … “Oh good grief. They should be looking at the beautiful art instead of texting, so they deserve what they get if they are not watching where they are going.” Patricia Cunningham said: “It may have knocked some sense into their heads!We can but hope.” The Kiss is part of an exhibition that includes other work by Ryder on the lawn outside the Cathedral.

I do find this odd. It’s not in the centre of a busy street. You would think people walking round the Cathedral would be a bit less obsessed with their phones. Hey ho.


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