Perpetual Mouse Trap

Back in the 19th century, things were meant to last, so when they advertised something was perpetual or had a lifetime guarantee, that’s what it was. This is from the i last week.

“More than 150 years after it was designed, a “perpetual mousetrap is still proving its worth – having caught an unfortunate mouse while on display in a museum.  The mouse was discovered … after being caught in the unbaited trap at the Museum of English Rural life (MERL) in Reading. In a staff email, a museum curator wroteL “There appears to be a dead mouse in this mousetrap… which is not… there on the database. Calle d”The Perpetual Mouse Trap” it was designed by manufacturers Colin Pullinger & Sons of Silsey, West Sussex, and sold under the promise that it would “last a lifetime”.

Curators were bemused to find the rodent had got inside a display cabinet and behind impenetrable glass into the mouse trap. It is thought the rodent may have snuck in before the cabinet was glazed over last year.

“For the moment, the mouse remains n the trap while we decide what to do with it,” museum researchers wrote in a blog post. “One option is a dignified burial, another is to desiccate it or have it prepared to remain as a permanent feature of the mousetrap for our new displays.”

I think it should stay where it is, after all the effort getting itself into the trap, it must have wanted to be there. Though maybe not for ever.


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