Bad Advertising

I just dumped 11 letters from Virgin Media in the letterbox, having readdressed them by hand. They arrived in one day, so more than 2 letters  for each flat in my building.

This takes time. In the past I have been sending them back address unknown, but I have no idea if they get tot the marketing company.

I wrote to Virgin about a year ago complaining of this barrage of junk mail, and was surprised to receive a reply that they would stop.

They have not. In fact they are getting worse.

Such large quantities of junk mail take time to dispose of, and waste huge amounts of resources. Having a message on the back telling us to recycle only adds to the insult.

Why is there no law against such huge quantities of junkmail, just as there is against nuisance phone calls?

And why would anyone receiving such a blizzard of junk ever want to use this company?


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