Useful Badgers

These shy critters get a lot of flack for allegedly spreading TB, but yesterday’s i reported one becoming an accidental archaeologist:

A badger has inadvertently uncovered a Bronze Age cremation site near Stonehenge… led  experts to items dating from around 2,200 to 2,000 BC  after digging into an ancient burial mound on land belonging to the MoD … about 5 miles north of Stonehenge.

Artefacts including an archer’s writs guard, a copper chisel, bronze saw and cremated human remains were spotted after the badger dug up a cremation urn and left shards of pottery lying o the ground. Richard Osgood, senior archaeologist from the MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation, called the burial site “an exciting find” “There are badger setts in quite a few scheduled monuments.. the actions of burrowing animals is one of the biggest risks to archaeology in Britain, but to bring out items of this quality from one hole is unusual.

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