Is God a Vegetarian?

This is an intriguing article by Christopher Catling in the latest Current Archaeology.

He cites the latest discoveries that the builders of Stonehenge feasted on pork and beef, but offered cheese and yoghurt to the gods. Possibly dairy products had some ritual importance, or it may be that the colour white represented purity.

He also cites Genesis 4:1-8 in which god preferred the arable farmer, Abel who offered him the fruits of the earth, whilst rejecting the meat that Cain offered at his altar. Catling concludes:

Up there in heaven, with no fear of weight gain or cirrhosis, they obviously prefer a cheese and wine party – the subtler flavour of a ripe Caerphilly or Wensleydale, washed down wth a good cabernet sauvignon – to a monotonous barbecue. Maybe barbecue is what they eat in hell.

Yet another reason for non meat eaters to feel smug.



5 thoughts on “Is God a Vegetarian?

  1. Our teeth suggest we were omnivorous from the outset. Given that we are pretty rubbish at most things compared with other animals – ie no claws, can’t run fast etc, we seem to have survived – perhaps too well – due to our early flexibility, and that has to include diet. But looking at the diets of hunter gatherers, I think gathering nuts and seeds must be easier than chasing animals, so I am guessing meat became part of the diet when vegetable matter was in short supply.


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