The Rubbish Warrior

An amazing post about an amazing man.


It had been weeks, since I started noticing these creative ephemeral structures with metallic trolleys piled up in a shaky way all around the city; sometimes with palm tree leaves hanging on top and some cans and flowers on the sides.

I can’t deny it, it caught my attention more than once.

He is the spirit of the town, some say.

A lone wolf roaming the streets at night creating art out of garbage left out all over the city, cleaning up at the same time, making a statement on how much we consume, how much stuff we use and throw away…Things that could re-live, recycled into inventive crafts.

But who is he?

Who is that man we call the Rubbish Warrior? 

And what’s the true purpose of all this he creates?

Locals say he’s been tied to the task for more than a decade now, so I started digging…

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