Christianity and the Calendar

Ten centuries of confusion in the Christian Calendar may well be drawing to the end when the Archbishop of Canterbury meeting with Popes of the Catholic and Coptic churches to decide on a fixed date for easter. This is from the i newspaper;

Easter is not only celebrated n different dates from year to year, but there is also a lag between the time it is observed by Eastern and Western Christian churches. Russian and Greek Christians celebrate Easter weeks after Catholics and Anglicans. But if Eater Sunday were fixed, so too would other such occasions such as the Rio Carnival, and the Mardi gras celebrations down Bourbon Street in New Orleans. These all take place 40 days before Easter at the start of Lent, as does the less administratively challenging British celebration of Pancake Day. Pope francis has already discussed changing the date of Easter. Last year he said “we have to come to an agreement” about changing the date at a meeting of priests from around the world. The second Sunday in April has previously been suggested as the most likely fixed time. The legal foundation for changing the date of Easter in the Uk has been in law since the Easter Act of 1928. But for it to be changed, churches need to assent to it – though the law allows the government to simply decide to fix the date, authorities have deferred to churches since it was passed.

4 thoughts on “Christianity and the Calendar

  1. I’ve also heard complaint of annual sales being too close to Christmas, so maybe he’s part of that group. Elections used to be set to maximise supporters. Tories held them in winter when the poor didn’t want to go out in the wet, Labour did it in the summer when the rich were away.


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