Ode to Misaddressed Warning Systems

The latest discovery from my bookshelf is Paul Jennings’ ‘the Living Village’, a survey of scrapbooks produced to celebrate the anniversary of the Women’s Institutes. This concerns the giant golfballs that are the early warning radar system of North Yorkshire, claimed to be in Fylingdales, but are in the adjoining parish of Lockton High Moor. Here is a poem to clarify the situation, in case you were wondering how to remember.

The world is under a misapprehension

And grave may be the outcome if it fils

To be informed by timely intervention

That Lockton High Moor isn’t Fylingdales.

Who knows what cataclysmic emanation

May strike the world, and all that it entails

Because some Early Warning radiation

Was misdirected into Fylingdales?

Therefore I beg you, sir, to raise the matter

And rouse the countryside to agitate

And Fylingdales, especially, should nattter

With Lockton Moo before it is too late.

And as for us, although we’re not si clever

And maybe haven’t travelled varry far

And dean’t set up to knaw a vast- however,

At t’varry least we do knaw where we are!

One for your next Pub quiz!

Image courtesy of wikicommons

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