Songs About Children

I spent last night glued to the non stop tributes on 6 music to the late David Bowie, and in the intro to his song ‘Kooks’ they said it was written on the birth of his son, then Zowie, now the filmmaker Duncan Jones. It never occurred to me that was the subject, but the lyrics are pretty clear if you think about it. And it’s really sweet. ‘Don’t pick fights’ cos I’m not good with other peoples’ dads.’

Then I got thinking: most singers have children, but I am really struggling to find songs written on the topic, especially recently. So, here’s Bowie’s Kooks:

Even older than this (I think) is the Moody Blues’ lovely ‘Emily’s Song. Is this the best birthday present ever?’Take me into your world alone I cannot go alone… open up that book of pages in my mind. Magical:

Then there is Gilbert O’ Sullivan’s Clare, about his niece:

John Swan, brother of Jimmie Barnes of Cold Chisel, about – I think his first nephew:

And a really sad song, Eric Clapton’s ‘Tears in Heaven’ about the tragic loss of his son Conor:

This is from the Decembrists, live at Brixton, with 12/17/12


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