Funeral Dog

Here’s another snippet from ‘Old Oak’, the life of REv J E Linnel of Bedfordshire:

“For many years [REv Linnel] was accompanied everywhere by a huge dog, half Airdale and half deerhound, to which he was deeply attached, and which he called Cribb. Crib would invariably attend him even at funerals, where he would sit majestically at the end of the grave, and eventually developed an independent and persistent affection for these ceremonies. On one occasion, when my father was delayed, he refused to allow a funeral cortege to enter the churchyard gates at Pavenham until he arrived, and , when old and white about the muzzle, at the sound of the funeral knell ringing out across the fields, Cribb would set out for other churches in the neighbourhood and take up his position at the graveyard.”

If reincarnation is possible, this dog had a previous life as a human.


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