Amazon’s latest SNAFU

A year ago Amazon started barraging me with demands for documents for verification. They told me I had to open a second account, so I got very confused but eventually they agreed I only needed one so the pets emails halved, but a year later, dozens of phone calls and emails later, they are still refusing to accept that their demands are unrealizable.

They demand a letter with a current address from HMRC welcome to self assessment. If you have already been trading some time, this is impossible.

They demand a VAT registration, but if you don’t sell enough to register, this is another non starter.

I have been repeatedly told this would be sorted, but now it seems I am not authorised to access their forums, so it drags on.

A few months ago they sent me a VAT invoice, claiming I owe Brussels tax on the books I sell. I contacted them and explained I sell books in the UK to people in the UK so do not pay VAT. They said they would stop sending these invoices, but failed to do so. They told me if i set up a VAT account they will refund the tax they wrongly took. I explained to them yet again I do not pay VAT. They sent me information on how to change the address on my VAT account.

Hello! Earth calling Amazon! If there is any human up there can you please sort out this mess?


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