Dinner For One

This ancient black & white short film began as an end of the pier show in the 1940s and has become a surprise hit in Germany, especially on New Year’s Eve. It has now broken the world record for the most frequently repeated programme on tv.

This is from the i newspaper “The 18 minute play, written for the theatre by Laurie Wylie in the 1920s features the refined Miss Sophie (May Warden) celebrating her 90th birthday with a dinner served by her elderly butler James Β (Freddie Frinton). the only snag is that all of Miss Sophie’s friends have died, so James must stand in for her guests – Sir Toby, Admiral von Schneider, Mr Pomeroy and Mr Winterbottom. He must also, naturally, drink al their toasts starting with sherry and working his way though to the port.

The joke is that James gets more and more drunk, continually tripping over a tiger skin rug, and slurring his catchphrase, “The same procedure as last year, Madam?”… The diner ends with James’ final “procedure” whisking his mistress up to bed.

It was discovered in Blackpool in 1962 by a German entertainer and a director, brought it to Hamburg and a year later recorded a live performance of it in English with a short German introduction, and has been a fixture of the New Years’ Eve celebrations since 1972. It is also a hit in Sweden, Denmark and Norway as well as Australia and South Africa.

It is absolutely bonkers. Enjoy!


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