Posted in December 2015

Almost Christmas!

It’s always hard to get good Christmas stuff especially it it’s not snowing locally. But there seems to be some good historic carols doing the rounds.Here’s Bella Hardy with the Coventry Carol. and a couple of seasonal-ish images, from Sheffield’s Winter Garden. This is a new one, but there are a few old style venues … Continue reading

Happy Christmas! From The Immortal Jukebox

Originally posted on The Immortal Jukebox:
Christmas is a time for celebration. A time for tradition – for the tried and tested. There is enormous pleasure to be harvested from the repetition of personal and family rituals. Through these we reassure ourselves that whatever the trials of the year now concluding that, all in all,…

Christmas Words

Here’s some posts from the Oxford Dictionary site, starting with the words for Father Christmas from around the world. Have fun with the interactive map: Twelve Christmas words – it includes a fart so you can spring this on the kids. And some words that came to life 100 years ago. I don’t … Continue reading

Carpet 1 Bullocks 0

Young cattle are curious creatures, but still big enough to be scary if they bolt en masse. Many years ago I was rambling on my own when I thought I was being followed. I turned around to find a wall of young beasts staring at me. I walked towards them, they retreated. I walked away, … Continue reading

A Cow at Night

A parson was not just tending his country flock; he also had land and animals to manage, a William Holland writes: “Monday 26 May 1800 The cow being furious for a bull got out of the Churchyard and ran toward Mr Rich’s. Robert [his servant] went after her ad I too marched down stirs in … Continue reading

Ladies Walking, Apprentices Not Working

Here’s some more from Parson William Holland’s Diary: “Thursday November 21 1799, A great Revolution once more in France, that rascal Beunoparte [sic] is returned from Egypt having stolen away from the Army and left ’em to Old Nick. Met two Mis Rollins from Stowgursey. They were dressed very smart yet trudging along in the … Continue reading

Botany Bay Man

My latest favourite book is Paupers & Pig Killers by the Rev William Holland, who comes across as a thoroughly decent chap, with an often ¬†wicked sense of humour and his family, though well off by the standards of many in his parish of Stowey in Somerset, also spread manure on the fields and was … Continue reading

Planting the Penny Hedge

This is from Curious Country Customs by Jeremy Hobson, from Whitby North Yorkshire, a celebration from the Eve of Ascension day, 40 days after Easter: “For several hundred years a small chapel belonging to Whitby Abbey stood tucked away in the woods close to the River Esk. Described in 1762 as being a ‘poor mean … Continue reading

Sunday Service

William Holland was writing at a very bad time in England – French were revolting, as were the poor, and the Established church was struggling against the rise of Methodism: Sunday May 11 1800 My Little Boy is up, loud and noisy but I have forbidden his dum being a Sunday. My wife takes Physick … Continue reading