Almost Christmas!

It’s always hard to get good Christmas stuff especially it it’s not snowing locally. But there seems to be some good historic carols doing the rounds.Here’s Bella Hardy with the Coventry Carol.

and a couple of seasonal-ish images, from Sheffield’s Winter Garden. This is a new one, but there are a few old style venues scattered round the country. The one in Weston-super-Mare hosted Banksy’s last show, Dismayland but I think is now being redeveloped. I think the idea of indoor gardens has a long history in England to help people cope with the long dark winters. A lot of grand manors had galleries on the top floor for walking around and playing games, so this is similar to the one here, I think anyway. It’s a lovely indoor space and here decorated for christmas. You can sit and read the papers or there is a cafe and a few shops within the space. Lovely.



HaPpY MeRrY JoLlY ChRiStMaS tO AlL My LoVeLy ReAdErS!


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