Carpet 1 Bullocks 0

Young cattle are curious creatures, but still big enough to be scary if they bolt en masse. Many years ago I was rambling on my own when I thought I was being followed. I turned around to find a wall of young beasts staring at me. I walked towards them, they retreated. I walked away, they followed me again. We kept this up across the field, then they all squeezed into the gateway, blocking it so none of them could follow me. This leads me to another snippet from Paupers & Pig Killers, The Diary of William Holland. This is from March 1814.:

“I rode out between Mr Crosse’s and Mr Washer’s I was stopped by some young bullocks who stood across the road affrighted by a carpet hung over a hedge into the road. I called out and Mrs Crosse came and I told her the man’s distress and my own, so she called out her maid servant who let me in the yard and carried off the carpet to the no small exultation of the man who was driving the bullocks. “


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