Ladies Walking, Apprentices Not Working

Here’s some more from Parson William Holland’s Diary:

“Thursday November 21 1799, A great Revolution once more in France, that rascal Beunoparte [sic] is returned from Egypt having stolen away from the Army and left ’em to Old Nick. Met two Mis Rollins from Stowgursey. They were dressed very smart yet trudging along in the dirty road with a servant maid attending. I never think young ladies appear to advantage along a dirty high road {who does?] and I would advise all ladies when obliged to pass thro’ dirt not to draw their petticoats too high behind for I can assure them that they discover in so doing more than is to their advantage. The female leg never looks so well behind as before.

Saturday November 30 I saw a boy lately apprenticed to Farmer White with his basket in his hand talking to another for a very long time. Indeed this is generally the way wit apprentices, it seldom answers to take them for they scarce ever return out well. At first they are a great trouble and expense and when they come to earn anything they grudge their labour. The seeds of corruption and vice are generally sown before they leave their wicked parents, the Farmers have a bad foundation to work on.

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