Yoga in Prison

As British prisons are bursting at the seams, here’s an idea from India on how to reform offenders. This is from yesterday’s i newspaper:

“A new policy introduced in a Western Indian prison mean that inmates can cut up to 3 months of their sentences – by doing yoga.

Inmates at Yerwada Central jail in the city of Pune, in Maharashtra state, will be given the chance to lessen their stays by practicing the ancient Indian art.

n both a written and practical examination, inmates must demonstrate a series of yoga moves and answer a number of questions on the subject before they are approved and their sentence is reduced.  The prison director who masterminded the programme, Bhukumar Upadhyay, told The Indian Express: “Yoga has been found to be very positive in harmonising our mental and physical energy. It has played a great role in the formation of he soul. It improves our overall behaviour and calms down our violent tendencies.  ”

The programme’s first phase will see over 500 prisoners being invited to learn yoga. It is one of a number of yogic-based ideas championed by Indian leader Narendra Modi, who himself led thousands in a mass yoga demonstration earlier this year in the nation’s capital, Delhi. Mr Modi was marking the first International World Yoga Day, on the longest day of he year, 21 June. “

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